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Gothia Cup presents Tre as new Official Partner

Gothia Cup welcomes Tre to the Official Partner family.

Tre becomes a new Official Partner for Gothia Cup. Together with Gothia Cup, they want to contribute to young people's opportunity to fulfill their dreams and challenge themselves.

The major telecom operator is gearing up its collaboration with Gothia Cup, which is very pleasing according to the director of sales, Thomas Anderson.
– We're very happy and proud to have Tre as an Official Partner to the Gothia Cup. Since communication is one of the cornerstones of the tournament, it feels extra valuable and safe to have Tre with us in this context. In addition to supporting us with services and products, Tre, with its social commitment, will also contribute to a more sustainable and more inclusive society, says Thomas Anderson.

Tre is pleased to step up as Official Partner for Gothia Cup.
– Having in previous years contributed to the ability to stream and report live matches during Gothia Cup, we're incredibly happy to expand the partnership. At Tre, we want to enable people to be everything they want to be, says Mirja Kais, temporary Head of Marketing.
"Set people free" acts as a beacon in all parts of Tre's operations.
– Gothia Cup enables thousands of young people to fulfill their dreams and challenge themselves. As the world's largest youth sports event, it's also an important meeting place for, and contributor to, a more equal, fair and free society - for everyone, she says.

Tre takes a long-term view of the partnership.
– We hope to make new friends among the teams, visitors and other partners. We of course hope that our lovely Tre-zone at Heden will bubble with life and contribute to making Gothia Cup 2023 a little more pleasant for everyone, says Mirja Kais.

Tre has a large and broad sustainability work where they work with all the UN's sustainability goals. In this partnership, they have chosen to focus on gender equality and to work for peaceful and inclusive societies.
– As a company and employer, we have high equality goals and we want to help create a better society for everyone. Here Gothia Cup comes in well as a partner that works for a more inclusive world for young people by bringing people together with sport at the center, says Mirja Kais.



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